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    Hello to you all could some one tell me why l only get 1 level up and not the promised 4 or 5 levels up in the in game purchase offers, l am playing island city 4.
    l have emailed the company many times and they tell me the problem is at my end not these, lf this was the case why do l get every other item that the add lists but only get 1 level up?
    email [email protected]
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    I had the same problem twice today and would like to know why?


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      yesterday they told me that other players had not received all their brought items as well and they were referring the issue to another department to come up with a solution and told me to stay tuned for a fix, how ever got up today checked email and again was told it was a onetime glitch at my side not theirs such bull shit from this company l erge everyone playing the games from this company to take notice of what your totals are before buying any offers and recheck them after your purchase and extra care when buying from the one time offers given from the free chest marked collect on the left hand bottom of screen.
      so if your star in top left hand corner says level 93 like in my case then after buying the offer of instant 4 levels up it should say level 97 one would ushume but for some reason it says only level 94 this is the issue l have time after time and they say the fault is at my end not theirs, its not just the loss of the levels its what is given with each level that makes your game better, their reply is written from a script l am sure or just a robot.

      false advertising which is illegal and l am not going to ripped off and l am not just going away l also believe this happening to more players as well so come on have your say