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BASIC vs HD version

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  • BASIC vs HD version

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    If you are wondering why there are two versions of City Island 4. Well….let me explain it to you :-)
    In December 2015 we launched City Island 4, we added a LOT of new features, for example a beautifull ‘Day and Night’ feature! But the result of all those new features is a lot more heavy computation and much more storage required, and some of your devices can’t handle this. They cannot handle it, so you get black images instead of nice graphics, there is a huge delay, the buildings are flickering etc. Some of you even experience crashes.
    So we where working hard to develop new updates to get a solution for those issues…and we fixed most of them, but some of the devices still things this City Island 4 game has to much data. So we decided to launch a “light version” of the City Island 4 game!
    This means no Day and Night feature and less data. So the players with issues could try this version of the game, it should work a LOT better!
    The other version of the game that we have launched in December 2015, is now called City Island 4 HD (high definition)

    • City Island 4 is the light version of the game and we launched it in June 2016 (without heavy data and day and night feature)
    • City Island 4 HD is the version fo the game that we have launched in December 2015 (includes day and night feature and a lot more data then the other game version)
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    On special request the initial noticable differences between CI4 HD and Basic:

    * The Boosts menu has been changed into the original menu from CI4 HD, Basic should also have all the extra trees, flowers and beach stuff also to prevent double work and extra costs after the extra decorations have been added to the menu.
    * After pushing the Facebook button, which is unfortunately still there and even accidentally, a player has to confirm if he/she wants to go to Facebook. Well done.
    * There a 2 buttons for sales, one from the wooden chest and one from the cash/gold buying menu. Should be combined in a way. Player loses space to play (again). I am playing an iPad, how does this work on a telephone for somebody with big fingers?
    * The day/night feature is gone, which is the biggest difference while playing, but that has already been announced.
    * There is no 7th island in CI4 Basic (yet), Still to be added?
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    See you at the islands !

    CI3: 3i=4deo0cvlaux1
    CI4: 4i-d3odn
    PCIS: PCi-9gnhb


    • demig
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      I must admit that I will not play CI4 in the basic version. After all the challenges the players and the developers had with the HD version, which were nearly all solved I hate to leave my CI4 HD. Furthermore I used all my imagination in building my Kingdom of Islands until this moment.
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    je trouve cela bien,d'accord avec vous pour la MAJ,,je vous remercie.


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      Un peut plus de gratuite dans le jeu serait pas supperflu?.......Merci pour la réponse.


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        Le jeu est super (city5),je m'éclate.