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Need help on how to read the numbers for the people and the jobs.

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  • Need help on how to read the numbers for the people and the jobs.

    Hello all im kind of new. Ive only been playing for about 2 weeks. I thought i had the numbers figured out beside the people and the guy with the black suit for the jobs. Can someone please tell me just what they mean? My percentage for happiness was high now its going down. I was building them and it was numbers now read
    Happiness is 76% 655/104 beside the people and 655/931 beside the suit/job guy. I took another peek and i think the first number says 655/1047??? please help!!

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    Hi ReeBriVille ,

    It is a City Simulation game where you need to create and develop your own city.

    The statistics which you are referring to are consists of 3 factors, the happiness level, City population, and Jobs. The happiness level (76%) indicate how happy the people of your city are and it also affects the incoming population in your city. If your city's population is enough, more people will come to your city.

    The city population (655/1047) tells you how much people are living/how much people could live in your city. And the Jobs (655/931) below city population indicates how many jobs are filled/how many jobs available in the city. All the 3 factors are interdependent and you as a player need to figure out how to optimize the population and jobs in your city .

    Also, once you start the game, you get a small tutorial on how to play. After the tutorial ends, if you still require guidance on how to plan your city further, simply activate the City Advisor in your city. City Advisor will assist you with your city’s further improvements.

    For more queries, we request you to contact our Support team.
    In order to contact our correct support team, we request you to visit the following link;


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      This helped me too! Thanks ReeBriVille for asking the question and thanks to Moderator for answering. I wondered how to make those items larger on my screen. The numbers are teeny tiny for those and for the same type items showing the Gold/Money/etc. in the top left of the screen. I've done everything trying to adjust it using the resolution settings when logging in but nothing seems to help.

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    Hi mhstarkey60,

    Ideally, the game resolution should not be too tiny as it is set to recommended settings based on your devices screen resolution. We would suggest you please contact our support team along with the screenshot of the city so that they can further investigate and assist you.

    In order to contact our correct support team, we request you to visit the following link;


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      Bonsoir. J'aurais besoin d'aide, impossible de pouvoir créer un compte sur jeu. Je ne peux recommencer le jeu car je suis au niveau 76, et je ne souhaite répartir à zéro..


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        Hello Mjd ,

        Thanks for getting in touch with us regarding your concern.

        In order to create the Leaderboards account, enter any island and then tap on the Sparkling Society icon at the bottom of the game screen, and select 'You' section. If you are facing any issue in the above, please contact us at below link with more details and supporting screenshots of the issue so that we could further investigate and assist you.