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Free Gold in higher levels

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  • Free Gold in higher levels

    Upon reaching level 88 in City Island 4 I received 19 free gold bars. When I reached level 89 I received only 6 free gold... please explain your logic / rationale in allocating the free gold in the higher levels. Is it based on the time taken to complete the level?

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    Hi Heybeerguy ,

    As per the design of the game, as you move ahead, the game gets more challenging and rewards are credited accordingly.

    Please note that from XP level 81 and onwards, you will receive some gold units as rewards. The number of in-game currencies received as a reward is random.

    Sometimes you might receive slightly less gold than you received after reaching previous level. The gold you have received as a reward for reaching next level is just a help for you to construct the new buildings unlocked. However, it’s up to the player how to utilize the in-game currencies to best build the city.

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