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    The game states that it is "matching decks" during the tourney. This is hogwash. What is actually being matched is similar point levels on the tourney. What is bad with this?

    By matching the way it does, new players and even some medium level players find themselves constantly matched against players with two to three times their energy level, which means TWO TO THREE TIMES the upgrades on the decks.

    This is anything but fair, or even equitable. Skill plays no part in those battles. Match players by a range in energy level and decks will tend to be comparable and then tournaments will be based on skill.

    This is a serious flaw in the game which is easily fixed.

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    I can now see that sparkling society is little different now than plarium or zynga. Only care about cash. Tournament is worse than ever concerning mismatches, which are now more the norm than the exception.


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      It is easy to complain and this thread was initiated by a huge string of completely mismatched games where skill made no difference as my deck(s) were massively outmatched. Literally, my strongest cards were weaker than the opposing players weakest cards. However, in all fairness to the game developers, etc., it is easy to complain but hard to provide accurate solutions. I did have a solution which I offered in depth elsewhere but the topic was unapproved. A simple and humble suggestion to the mods is an e-mail address for game suggestions and/or complaints, since the forums seem to be off-limits for game improvement ideas.