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  • Bug report thread

    Found something that's not working right?
    Put it here.
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    I'm having trouble with my SIM City. I play almost every day and put a lot of time into building my city. Last night when I closed it for the day, I had over 11,000,000 and 11 or 12 gold. This morning, when I opened it, I had only 6,000,000 and 5 gold. Some of my commercial and residential buildings had disappeared and some that I had upgraded to 10 are now back to 9. Also, I'm not given the opportunity to earn gold by watching videos. I get only 1 or 2 in a day. I love the game. But, I'm getting seriously frustrated with having to go back and put everything back to where I left off.


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      Editing a comment
      Hi Sherryan,

      We are not sure what exactly went wrong with your game. Please contact our support team and provide them the details regarding the issue along with the friendcode of your game account so that they can further investigate this concern.

      In order to contact correct support team, please use the following link:

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    I didn't receive my tournament reward: I arrived in League 2

    please help me!!!

    my nick is gaetano
    this is my friend code: WAL-hemi5