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  • Best use of newbies time

    In the beginning the best use of your anything is gold. If you're capable of buying diamonds spend all of it on gold purchases. Don't buy the packs or use it to buy cards to upgrade. Spend it on gold purchases and high (3/6/higher) packs to open. Why? Earning gold is slow going...and many of your best cards will require high amounts of gold quickly just to upgrade. Don't pay attention to leveling up so much, pay attention to upgrading quality cards.

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    You will encounter several points of stalling in completing the campaign. This is normal. Go back to the completed levels and do them again. Each time they will because harder than the previous time. Do not waste your gold on upgrading cards not in your deck. No matter what. You will do much better IF you show restraint from trying to level up just to have crappy cards others annihilate easily.


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      Also - start opening a gold card pack just before you go to sleep
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