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Reaching League 1 without maxed cards

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  • Reaching League 1 without maxed cards

    Hi, I reached League 1 in my account at Lvl 24 (18200 HP) and without cards at max level. I read some people complained about the tournament matches, because there are a lot of maxed accounts, specially after League III (700 points) and that's true, and those matches are maybe a insta-lose, but I decided to take the challenge, and sucess. I'm not sure how much people reach League 1 each tournament (could be good if is a Tournament Leaderboard) but seeing the pairings 5/6 are maxed enemies and nobody below 20000 HP ¿How works the pairings?

    Anyway I will try to reach League 1 with my cards every tournament c:

    MY DECK:
    Seahorse (11): cheap card for heal, a few times I used it for use his energize trait.
    Rooster (11): another cheap hard for heal. His shield trait compensate his slow attack.
    Darwing Bark Spider (7): one of the reasons I could win against maxed enemies. I'm not sure if is intended or if is a bug, but its Drain ability reduces 2 instead of 1. Boa Constrictor drains 2 energy too, but seems more legit in it due it cost 4 and Spider only 1. His OP drain ability makes you gain some tempo and shield can bait other shields, stun, poison, counterattack and hit many times against slow animals.
    Grear Hornbill (11): same as Darwing Bark Spider, but its Drain reduces 1; the card costs 2; and have more Attack and Healt.
    Pistol Shrimp (8): Nice card. Its traits are great and have a good Damage Per Second. Only bad is his Health, but together a Healer can survive.
    Pacu Fish (11): Another DPS card. It can be changed for another cost 3 DPS card
    Anaconda (5): Excellent card for beat bulky animals, if attack a non-shield animal his strong attack and poison deals 1520 damage, enought for kill most animals.
    Asian Elephant (2): Card for tank damage and nice for start. For a low level user as me this helped me for dont receive direct damage.

    - Always play after the opponent plays a card, after you counter that card for gain a card advantage.
    - Level up Darwing Spider at 7, his drain ability allows a lot of energy advantage and slows him to play more cards.
    - Dont be nervious when lose, if win you get +25 and when lose -10. If in 5 battles you win 3 (60%), you are in a good winrate
    - 1200 trophies is a good spot for keep. High reward and climb 800 trophies with a maxed accounts army waiting for you and for get a Diamond Pack at the end maybe is not worth.
    - Having cards with Revive could be a good option for prevent lose due time.
    - If you have cards with 2 traits unlocked (Commons at 9; Rares at 7 and Epics at 5) you are ready to the challenge. With legendaries having then at level 1-2 are good too.

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    Hi Juanin ,

    We are glad to know that you have successfully reached in the league 1.

    Moreover, the opponents in the Tournament appears as per the type of deck you have. If your deck is full of strong cards, then the opponents appear in the Tournament will be with higher points. However, if you have a mix deck for strong and traits card, then the opponents will appear accordingly.

    Also, it is up to the user how to utilize the card deck to achieve higher levels in leagues. As you move ahead in the game, the card strength gets higher, and chances of getting at the top of league 1 also increase.

    For more queries, we request you to contact our Support team. In order to contact our correct support team, we request you to visit the following link;