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Level Catch Up as a Tournament Prize

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  • Level Catch Up as a Tournament Prize

    An idea for a tournament prize. I call it a Level Catch Up. The player select a card that is ready to upgrade several levels. Level Catch Up jumps all but one of these levels. For example, I have a level 3 Ghoul but I have enough cards for level 12. Applying Level Catch Up to my Ghoul will raise it to level 11. A high enough level to try the card in my desk. Not the top level though, so I still need to save for upgrades to my active deck.

    I currently spend almost all my coins upgrading my active desk. I never get to try out other cards. They are too low level. I have 42 pending upgrades as a result. Level Catch Up offers a reasonable way around this.

    The first prize in the tournament is currently less interesting than the 250 diamonds as second prize. Level Catch Up would make an interesting addition to the first prize.

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    Hello bobbobbob ,

    The idea to have a ‘Level Catch up’ as a reward after topping the first position in the tournament sounds interesting. With such rewards, players will be able to level up the remaining cards in their card decks. It is a very nice suggestion and we have considered it as feedback.

    We have forwarded this feedback to our product team and they will surely look into this for the future updates .

    For more queries, we request you to contact our Support team. In order to contact our correct support team, we request you to visit the following link; [email protected]
    [email protected].