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  • SparklingSupport
    Hello bobbobbob ,

    Those are really good tips/strategy for the game. It feels really good when we hear such comments from all our valued players. The product team feels proud when we share such feedback with them.

    We wish you keep playing and enjoying our game and top the leaderboards. If you have any queries related to the game, feel free to contact our Support team. In order to contact our correct support team, we request you to visit the following link;
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  • bobbobbob
    started a topic Guide to starting

    Guide to starting

    Here are my tips for starting Wild Arena. I just moved from Dragon League - which is a similar Sparking Society game.

    Deck Building
    o Prefer the cards with higher damage / second.
    o Also prefer the cards that cause you bother in battles
    o Play cards just after the opposing card has fired. It is good to take damage if it leaves your cards healthier.
    o Avoid upgrading cards that are not in your deck. Your level is less important than the level of your cards.

    Starting Strategy
    o Play through area 1 and 2 of the campaign. Ignore the warnings about having no empty slots for chests even though that feels weird - you can play level 2 again later. You are playing for coins and to unlock the free red chests on the first screen. Use the experience to tune your desk. Use the money to upgrade cards in your desk.
    o Also watch advertisements to get free chests. Later you will use the advertisements to speed up the opening of chests but now you need the cards.
    o Repeat area 2 until you have gained level 5 and 250 coins.
    o Join the tournament. This is the fun bit. When you win hands, select cards in your desk or otherwise money. If you are regularly winning then stop upgrading your cards. If your number of trophies never goes up then that is a good thing because you can catch up your trophy count later and you will continue to meet easier players now. Restart your phone before the tournament ends to catch-up on the trophies you have really won.

    o Chests should probably all open instantly until you reach level 5.
    o The weird trophy counting in tournaments has become a feature that people build strategy around