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  • Mismatched decks solution

    One of the biggest gripes I have about this game, and the other two I also play (Wild Arena, Jurassic Carnivores, and Savage Heroes), is that they all share a serious glitch. The glitch is that when supposedly "matching decks" to find an equivalent deck, the game ROYALLY mismatches players more often then not, giving one player a massive advantage in the battle. At this point, skill does not even play a point in the battle between the two decks.

    I enjoy a game based upon my skill vs another player's skill. I get little pleasure from defeating someone who doesn't have a chance, nor is it enjoyable to engage in a battle with someone who's weakest card is as strong or is stronger than my strongest card. Either is a tournament in name only.

    Now, this is just a matter of life in the game at this point, though it doesn't have to be and is easily fixed. Anyone can complain, but I offer a silution that the developers should consider. Whatever the current algorithm is, it currently is broken and doesn't matter for the purpose of this discussion. It is obvious that it is based around current tournament points between decks, which can match anyone against anyone, no matter the mismatch of the decks. Decks themselves would be varied to the extreme, so no simple solution should be obvious -- except that an obvious and extremely simple solution is evident.

    Consideration demonstrates that when player vs player matches start, too great of an energy level of one player verses another demonstrates a guaranteed loss, biased towards the greater energy level guaranteed the win. This is because winning or losing, irrespective of the individual cards in either deck, is based upon the level of upgrades of the cards belonging to each player. Common, normally weak cards are extremely powerful at high upgrade levels, so even a powerful deck of low to moderate upgrades can be easily shredded by a weak deck with extremely high upgrades. It is not simply a matter of "choosing the right cards" as experimentation has shown me that the inherent mismatch shreds whatever yoou have in your availability. If any of your cards can compete at all, your energy level will be somewhat comparable with your opponents, since you will have upgraded the weaker cards equivalently as your opponent.

    Accurately matching decks always comes back to only one variable, namely energy level of the two opponents. If you match decks by matching energy levels (which are mainly based upon upgrades), then you will reverse the trend, as more often then not it will be an actual battle of skill between the two players.

    Some people may get a twisted kick out of bashing low level opponents, but that is not me. I want to outwit and outplay equivalent level opponents as a matter of thought, planning, and skill. I play these types of games generally for the tournaments, but I want to win by being great at the game, not either win or lose simply by random chance.

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    It seems that in Wild Arena and in Jurassic you have adopted my idea at least in part, now the tournaments are fun as heck and definitely rely on skill. Not NEAR as easy for me to hit level I!!! Awesome!