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Version 1.2.1: New Leaderboard & Victory Points

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  • Version 1.2.1: New Leaderboard & Victory Points

    Howdy Adventurers!

    With the 1.2.1 version of Deck Adventures Wild Arena we will be switching to a completely new and redesigned leaderboard system.
    Until today only your progress in the campaign reflected your position on the leaderboard, but with the new system there is much more control for each player on his of her position on the leaderboard.

    For this we are introducing Victory Points. Victory Points can be earned in several parts of the game and they all add up to your total score.
    First of all you are awarded Victory Points for all arena's in the campaign mode. Whether its the first time you are playing the arena, or if its the third time you are playing it to unlock more of a specific card: you will be rewarded an equal number of Victory Points. And the way it works is really simple: each arena battle (provided you win the match) will award a number of Victory Points equal to the battleground you are fighting in. So, all arena's in battleground 1 give you 1 VP, all arena's in battleground 8 give you 8 VP. There is one exception: the final (boss) battle of each battleground provides 5 times as much VP as a normal arena (so 40 on battleground 8).

    You will see the number of Victory Points that will be awarded before the battle starts and in the reward screen.

    Participating in the tournament also rewards Victory Points. Not for each individual battle that you play, but based on the League that you play in when the Tournament ends.

    Tournament leagues 6 to 1 will reward you the following VP: 0, 10, 25, 45, 70, 100.

    So, if you end the tournament in League 3, you will be awarded 45 Victory Points. Did you make it to the top tier you will be awarded 100 VP!

    We think you will have much more control now over where you are on the leaderboard and we hope you appreciate our effort to make it more interesting. We are aware that some of you may drop a few places on the leaderboard today, which is why we include a special gift in this update. Enjoy, courtesy of Sparkling Society.

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    So new Version .
    But my Char (Umpusterine lvl 15-11 since 1 month) isn't in your Ranking from Update


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      I ask this since 4 Werks , nobody answer me


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        Hi Ray,
        I found the source of the problem and I fixed it immediately. And you are right to have complained about this I see, because you have taken over the first position on the leaderboard. Congratulations on that and an apology for the inconvenience.


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          Have to say ya Thx


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            Thema PVP : why you not let Player vs Player fighting. Thats PVP
            and is funny . I know this from a lot of games
            you make Reklame with PVP , But in this Game gif Not real Pvp


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              Sry für my wrong english . M. Ray


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                Hi guys,
                Any news on whether you're looking at some further Tournament balancing?
                Also, is there anything in the pipeline that will allow is to do something with unwanted Cards?
                Any chance that you can show Gold cost of higher Card levels when you swipe up through them?
                Btw, the change to VP's is working well imo.


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                  With the new update I no longer see the 5-hour free pick, nor the 5-win free pack, however I get constant push alerts informing me that I have packs ready to open. Sometimes as many as the alerts in an hour, even though there's nothing ready to open. I don't mind the free packs being taken away, but the constant notifications are almost enough for me to uninstall. I've really enjoyed the game, so I figured I'd alert you guys to the problem and hope for it to be addressed, rather than instantly abandoning it.

                  ​​​​​​Thanks for all the fun, in any event.


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                    Hi Krobar,
                    I had the 5-Win Pack trouble for a while, then I discovered that you have to swipe to the right to see it
                    Not sure why you're not seeing the 5-Hour Pack though?


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                      Hey, thanks. I played around with it and sure enough they were hiding to the right on the buy screen. You've dices my have for me, though I fear I may still have to purge you for being a heretic!


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                        Thank you all for your feedback and I hope Krobar managed to find both the free 5-hour cardpack as well as the free Victory Card Pack in the shop menu, just to the right of the other cardpacks.

                        Tournament balancing is something that we are working on really hard at this point. We have completely redesigned it. It is working really well for some people / deck and not so well for other people. The reason for this is that we have designed a 'self-learning' system that calculates the adequate candidate based on your deck strength, as well as your performance against other players. At this point we are making some refinements to make it work better, but overall we just need more data for it to get better!

                        My advise for people who find the matchmaking unbalanced at this point: try a different deck. In the card collection view you can build three different decks. The one selected there will be used for both tournaments and campaign. You do not need the strongest deck in the world in order to compete in tournaments. You will be matched with people with simlar deck strengthts. Just try something else for a change and it is likely to work much better. And it is fun too to try something different for a change!

                        In the meantime we will be working hard to improve the system. Thank you for your patience.


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                          Hahaha; sometimes you have to tread the Dark Path to get to the true root of Evil...

                          Okay, I'll give it a go, but getting smashed in the first Battle by a 21k bot is not my idea of fun...


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                            22,5k Bots & 5-8k legendary Beasts isnt Fun


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                              I'm the tornumemt how do you get the last pack?