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Version 1.3.2: Friends & Card exchange

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  • Version 1.3.2: Friends & Card exchange

    Howdy Adventurers!

    With Deck Adventures Wild Arena 1.3.2 we will be introducing some interesting new features and many improvements that we hope you will like. Some of these have been requested by you, the more reason we hope you will be pleased with this update of the game.

    The new friend feature allows you to invite any friends to the game and share your private leaderboard with them. But you may also just throw your newly introduced invite code around (here on the forum for instance - in the newly created thread) and make as many friends under existing players as you please.
    Use the Invite feature in the friends section of the community tab to send out invites. And use the Add feature to add invite codes of other players that you would like to add to your friend list.
    Your friend list is not just a list of friends, but also a nice way to have your private competition as it also functions as a leaderboard. Challenge your friends and family to dominate here as much as on the global leaderboard!
    Another feature is the Friends Feed in which you can keep track of what your friends are up to. If they unlock new cards, upgrade that fancy Squid to level 4 finally, or if they are shining on the tournaments, all major game progress of your buddies can be found here.

    Card requesting and donating
    Another brand new feature is the card donating feature, the best way to help your friends gather their favourite cards and to get rid of those cards you never really use anyway. And that works both ways, so find those last cards to upgrade your favourite animals!
    The way it works is pretty straightforward. You can start a card request every 24 hour. At this point we allow requests for both common and rare cards. Requests are always for a fixed number of cards. Once you started your request, it will be featured in the Friends Feed and in the very same feed you will see the requests of your friends as well. Note that for each card that you donate you will receive some gold, so it always works both ways.
    Check back regularly to see if your request has been fulfilled and gather your newly acquired cards.

    We have improved our matchmaking system and have been tweaking it a lot. We hope it continues to deliver you a fair but challenging game experience. Work on it is not done and as I explained in my previous post we need it to grow with more data, but we’re very keen on getting this right, so any feedback is always more than welcome.

    Minor improvements
    • During battle damage done on your opponent is now shows in all lanes, not just the centre lane.
    • When you may pick a card for a victorious battle in the tournament, you are now able to see the card-upgrade progress.
    • We’re now using a greater variety of background images in the tournament battle scene.
    • The card layout when sorting your collection on DPS has been improved.
    • We have dedicated a new notification to the Legendary Sunday event.
    • Using the forum button in the community tab now takes you straight to this part of the forum.
    • Bugfixes

    We have been working really hard to bring you this big update and hope you enjoy all changes.
    Until next time!

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    How can I unfriend someone who's not active anymore
    regards DeciBell


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        Invite code 1fdzjd


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