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Version 1.3.5 Video cardpack upspeed and Card Compare

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  • Version 1.3.5 Video cardpack upspeed and Card Compare

    We are back with another update to the game. This time we have some smaller features and many changes for you, as well as some bug fixes. Let me tell you what we have in store for you this time.

    Card pack unlock upspeed with video
    We have changed the way that watching video's can help you progress through the game. Before, you were rewarded a cardpack if you watched a video ad, but now you are able to use them to upspeed your cardpacks unlocks. If the option to upspeed is available you will notice it by an icon on the cardpack that you are currently unlocking. Clicking it will show you the details and you can then click the video ad button to watch a video ad and fully unlock the cardpack.

    Card Compare
    Do you find it hard sometimes to find the perfect card for your deck? We have made it easier for you to find the perfect match by adding an option to compare all stats of a card. You will find a new button in the card detail view that takes you to the card compare screen. Here it will display the chosen card on top of the screen and the other cards right below. By ligning them up you can easily see a comparison of all card stats. You may then at any point swap a card with the top card and start comparing that one with your other cards. This will make it much easier for you to find that one card you need to complete your build.

    Card Pack Summary
    After opening a cardpack you now get a summary of what you got from it. Very usefull if you - like many others - tap a bit too fast sometimes.

    New cards in Card Collection get focus
    If you have acquired one or more new cards for your collection, they will be shortly highlighted when you first go to your card collection. Just so you know which ones are new and giving you an option to check them out.

    More options for buying cards in the shop
    If you want to buy cards in the shop, you now have the option to buy 1, 5 or as many as you need for your next card upgrade. A lot less tapping.

    Tournament short-cut
    After you have claimed your tournament battle rewards you are now able to directly go to the next match. No need to go to the tournament main screen, unless you have a leagure reward to claim. Playing tournaments is now faster then ever.

    Tournamant match-making
    We have further improved tournament match-making. Even the visuals are better!

    Friends feed
    The feed in the friends section now also notifies you of friends who beat bosses in the campaign mode.

    Player damage
    Damage that the player receives is now displayed per lane.

    Tournament rewards
    There was a problem for some people that lead to them not getting their tournament rewards. That has been fixed and all rewards that you might have missed will be rewarded to you first time you start a play session with this version of the game.

    iOS users will probably have to wait for a few more days for the update to become available on their platform.
    We hope you enjoy this update with all its improvements.

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    where can I download this!!!!


    • SparklingSupport
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      Hello Dukerobo,

      You can download the game using Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple App Store for iOS devices

      If in case, the auto-update setting is active on the device, then the apps will update automatically.

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    Thanks for the update, glad to see you continue to improve the game. Any plans on moving the card update info from the friends list to a different section than the card request list? Also would be nice to see who donated the cards you request.



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      Like the update so far. Still think the tournament is buggy. Points sometimes do not show up after a match. I restart the game and then they may be restored. On the other hand, I have had hours of play time in a tournament erased because the game did not give me credit, very frustrating. Keep up the good work guys.


      • SparklingSupport
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        We have fixed the Tournament issues in the latest update. Points should show up correctly now

        Additionally, tournament reward not credited was a glitch occurred from the server. This issue is also fixed. If you have updated the app, then you would have been able to collect the reward for all the previous Tournaments

      • Fuzzy
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        Thank you your work is appreciated

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      Good stuff, guys!