Closing this forum

Dear Sparkling Society Fans,

We are very grateful for all your contributions and would like to thank you for all your feedback and great ideas on our forum. However, on June 1st 2020 we will stop facilitating this forum.

We are constantly working on improving the quality and experience of our games, and we have found that the forum hasn't been of value for this purpose. Because of this we've had to make the difficult decision to close it down.
For us focus is what counts, and what we love most is to work on the improvements of our games in every sense. We are determined to deliver the best city building experience on mobile.
At the same time there are still many other options to connect with fellow players, which we encourage you to explore.

For City Island 5 players; please visit the Facebook group We are not affiliated with this group, but they have told us that they are glad to welcome you all in their community. Most likely, initiatives like this are available on Facebook for other games as well.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please send us an email at [email protected]
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Bad decisions

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  • Bad decisions

    Well dang I'm sorry to hear that sparkling society is going with the add new games, instead of modifying and adding new content. There are only 2 card game based support bases in our free to play world. Allow me to explain.

    1st there is the support your game and add new content throughout the life of the game, sometimes for years. *this format offers lots of longevity and will keep players playing forever but has problems atracting new players, whom must attempt to catch up to the long lived players

    2nd there is the release a totally new game based on the previous game with minor changes in art and all modifications and expansions are only presented as a totally new game. *This format is disgusting, cheap and just downright wrong, it forces people to move to the new game to have any new content and the previous version lose all support and longevity, its more of just a money making sceam to keep the people paying real money, buying everything over and over to always have the edge on the cheap players and the grinders

    Now i understand that this is a business and ur doing it to make money, but sorry im out, i hate this format amd find it demeaning and very unfullfilling, im the top player in dawa and havent even leveled my cards or filled all the content out, so sorry guys loved ur game till i saw what you guys were doing.

    I wish u the best in ur endeavors, but i feel you made a money based greedy decision with your card games, yah permanent coding may be cheaper, but this was bad, just bad.

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    Integrity is hard to keep when money is involved and we live in a free to play world


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      Hi Robert,

      Thank you for providing the suggestion.

      We always welcome the feedback from all our players (positive and negative) as it always helps us to improve the quality of our game over the period.

      We assure you that our team is working hard on improving the quality of all our existing games and soon new features will add to the existing games once it meets our quality standards.

      We will forward your feedback to our product team to expedite the introduction of features in the game. Kindly stay tuned


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        I'm unhappy too: you created a new game but with the same old problems...
        1. No chances to enter with facebook or google account, so when I wil change my phone I will lose all the progress like it appened in wild arena
        2. Tournament with bot instead of real on line match
        3. I think new game has the same problem of killing my battery
        4. No way to exit the game, I have to force the exit

        Why to play battle cards?


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          Hi Gaetano,

          If you create an account in the game you can log into that account on any other device and retrieve your progress. There is no reason why you would lose your progress when you switch phone. You can even play on several devices, just not at the same time. The problem of the battery drain is not known to us. Did you report it to support?

          Thank you for your feedback.


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            I had the account problem with wild arena. If you solved thise problem in the new game I'm very happy. In wild arena if you change phone you lose your progress and must start again from livel 1.
            for battery the problem was when I played in tournament, now I'm checking in the new game...


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              And Bots Bots Bots