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Level 7 Legendary out of know where!?

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  • Level 7 Legendary out of know where!?

    I do not know how this had happened. After doing my best to climb the leader board there has to be some kind of glitch, hack, cheating or ridiculous amount of money spending for at least two players in this game. Umpusterine and leesmom have been duking it out for the past 2 months by grinding it out. This has been fun to watch and chase them. Please explain to us now how a killer008 and toto Imzabi have almost overnight rose to top spots. They have maxed out decks and not a single other person has completed level 7 legendary, yet they have multiple ones finished. They have all the best cards maxed out as well. I do not believe this is fair to the rest of us. If they won a contest or are some buddies of yours helping with the game mechanics please let is know. I have been playing this a month or two after the launch and would love to be able to keep enjoying the game. Thank you.

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    Hi Fuzzy

    There is a possibility that they might have used some cheats in the game due to which they were able to attain such higher rankings. However, please be assured as using cheats won’t help in the game as all the suspected cheaters are blocked from the game and from Leaderboard section.

    If you found more such cheaters, you can directly report them to our support team by sending the email to correct support team using the following link:

    We hope you will keep enjoy playing the game


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      Thank you for keeping up with the leaderboard and helping the integrity of the game. Any reason my account was blocked from the leaderboard as well?


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          Dachte schon keiner bemerkt diese Cheater(Killer & Co)
          Warum bist du nicht mehr im my Freunds fuzzy?


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            I was 15 on the leaderboard and now they removed me and will not give me a reason