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    Sorry, i didn't explain my issue very well. English is not my native langage, so that's why i don't always use the correct words.
    I still have an access to my account but it is no longer on the leaderboard. It's like my account was reset to zero : all my cards are lost, as my progression. I am now level 1 with no coins, nor diamonds. Plus, i can't get no more victory points, even if i win some campaign battles.

    I would like to contact the support like you've suggested, but i don't know how to do. Can you tell me the process?



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      So i've sent an email to that adress with my account name and friendcode : [email protected]

      Is that right?


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        That should do the trick. If support is unable to help you they will contact the dev-team and we'll do all we can to help fix this.


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          I have just lost my save game. With no reason. Account got deleted and I have to start from beginning now.


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            As i expected, i won't recover my account. All my progression is definitly lost =)

            I learned by the support that my account was suspended because the system suspected me of cheating. I earned too much diamonds apparently. So i proved them they were wrong and then they only recovered my victory points. I asked multiple times to recover all my progression : my THOUSANDS of cards, my coins and my diamonds. All that stuff i got by myself by winning tournaments, completing the campaign ect ... they were unable to recover it. At this point, they started to ignore me. So for the new players, i hope you will never be suspected of "cheating" by earning too much diamonds from tournaments, because you will lose all your progression =)

            And by the way, THANKS Sparkling Society for made me lose my time. I will never come back to play one of your games for sure.


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              I understand this is frustrating, so i understand why you are angry, but i am sure that you are not being ignored. People may be looking into this for you as we speak.

              Still, i want to make something clear. The system may indeed have marked you as a cheater. And in fact maybe this has been the case for a long time. Because if you are marked as a cheater you certainly won't notice. You will even see yourself on the leaderboard just like before. All we do is filter you off the other player's leaderboards. Accounts are never suspended. We can do that, but we have to do it manually and we have only done that once since we launched the game. There is only person in our company who is able to do that, so we would know.
              If your progress was reset it is almost certain a problem with your device, maybe it powered off while saving or something similar. We don't know of course. But if your savegame gets corrupted you will be notified with a cloudsave warning next time you log in/ launch the game. If you choose not to use the data on the cloud it will (try to) load the data from the device and after a short while it will push that savedata to the cloud, overwriting your old savegame and thus losing the progress that was saved on the cloud.

              Typically it doesn't make a lot of sense to argue about who is responsible. If we cannot help you fix this, we will compensate you as good as we can. If you contacted support and you haven't heard back from them, it is probably due to the fact that a developer is looking into the issue, or that support is waiting for clarification. I fully understand that this waiting is frustrating for you and we try to prevent this at all time, but with millions of users we sometime need time to look into issues. That is because we care about our players and want to provide them the best support.


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                Hi Iraklis ,

                We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

                We request you to please send details of what it is along with a screenshot, to our support team at
                [email protected]
                [email protected] so that they can assess and help you in the best way possible.


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                  Every once in awhile, only in tournaments, the game quits registering how many points you have and gets stuck at one number, no matter whether you win or lose matches afterwards. You have to shut down the game and restart it to get the points to register correctly. I have noticed that this usually coincides with a temporary "tournament server not available, try again later" type message(s) either before or after it happens. It definitely makes keeping track of your tournament points difficult.


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                    Hi I've won numerous battles in the tournament but haven't received any ranking trophies?! After each match it said +25 trophies but once I came out the league ladder says zero?! Please help