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  • Leader Board blues

    update: as it turns out the team at SS was very prompt into looking into my queries regarding being able to view my island on the leader board.....just wanted to say thanks for the quick reply and taking the time to get back to me so quickly.

    Hello. I enjoy the arranging and re-arranging my islands and that moment right before i know im about to level up and can place some new items that i have prepared a site thats just been waiting and waiting for that level up! :-)

    Ive been really curious about the leader board and i happen to read a previous post from aug 2017 (title: some islands on the lead board cant be visisted) and thought maybe someone could help me out......i have yet to get one thumbs up and it has given me blues, so fine maybe no one likes my island, i will just live on it with my volley ball Wilson and my robot citizens, however in reading the previous post maybe there is an issue viewing my island and why i cant even get one thumbs up in 6 months of playing,,,lol. I am certainly not a cheater as the aug 2017 posted, people suspected of cheating are blocked from being viewed...... so just wondering if someone can let me know if either my island is blocked from being viewed or if my island just really sucks lol

    Best regards,

    Livin Da Island Dream

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    Hi Livin Da Island Dream ,

    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

    We request you to please send details of what it is along with a screenshot, to our support team at, so that they can assess and help you in the best way possible.


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      no worries moderator, your support team already looked into it and as it turns out there are no issues with viewing my islands on the leader board, its just no one likes my islands enough to give it a thumbs up:-( lol You could explain how some people that are close to my level (95) either have way less people or loads of thumbs up for what i think are poorly planned dysfunctional islands, not to be judgey. much of the posts i read on the forums have to do with questions and concerns of course but i cant find anything where people talk about their islands, what they are proud of or the thoughT process behind the layout of the island....... i guess more of a "Rate my island or Island chatter". maybe ill start a topic its too bad its difficult to find out which member is connected to their names on the leader board......mine are both the same names but im not sure if others do that.

      anyways just my two cents, thanks for replying and all is good, now if i can only get someone to give me a thumbs up or at least tell me what they dont like i wouldnt be driving myself batty with my insecurity. lol