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issues with the paradise island update.

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  • issues with the paradise island update.

    I was able to use the 2X collection and 2X speed up for the first two days and for the past two days I have not seen it. Is there anyone else that is having this issue. Or does anyone know what would cause it.


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    i agree, a little clarification on time parameters before its available again would sure be useful. I was able to use it for the first time last week and today was the second time it popped up available. So for me it was over a week. It doesnt seem to have anything with stages of level up since ive moved up a couple levels since last week. its nice when you can use it but it sucks when you never know when its coming around, i thought something was wrong too but guess im not the only one having concerns.


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      Hello acecole714 ,

      We would like to inform you that, the three circle event depends upon the advertisements and the option to view ads depends on the ads service provider for the region.

      Once those videos will be available or provided by the ads service provider, you will get the option to view ad videos. We would recommend you to play the game keeping an active internet connection as you require internet in order to receive videos in the game.

      If the issue persists, we request you to contact our Support team. In order to contact our correct support team, we request you to visit the following link;


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        Since the 1.7.7 update, the 2Xtime, 2Xmoney, 1Xcrane and TimeWarps have NO LONGER WORKED in Paradise City Island.