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Transfer SaveFIles from Laptop to Android

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  • Transfer SaveFIles from Laptop to Android

    Hello I need some help with the transfer of my game from Laptopt (Windows 10) to Huawai Smartphone.
    1. I tried to find the folder of Sparklingsociety in my explorer (USB connection to Android). No files found.
    2. I found out that you have to use the Huawai HiSuite to transfer such data. Using HiSuite: No files of the game found. Don't even ask if i have the game installed I do. I even reinstalled the game on my device, watching how the phones internal storage amount shrunk by 55 MB and grew again by 55MB by reinstallation. The game IS on the phone - just unable to be found.
    3. I was able to extract the App "ParadiseCityIslandSim" from Android on my PC Desktop (.apk file). I edited the Filename from .apk to .rar which is the way to edit .apk data. Unpacking the .rar file gave me all the App-Data but there was no register for the SaveFiles or anything comparable to that. All in all the whole game register is completely different to the Pc-Game-Version (which is understandable as its different devices)

    BUT: Many ppl. in the Forums wrote it is possible to transfer game data from pc to Android - am i just doing it wrong? Does it not work on Huawai? Is it a slightly different game than the PC version after recent updates? Only possibilities that come to my mind. Any game support or user knowing of this topic?

    THanks for your help###