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videos not working

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  • videos not working

    The videos for collecting double the rent and to speed up time are not working

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    just a quick heads up, those bonus features are tied to the video marketing and is only activated when there is a marketing campaign in your "region". have a look around or use the search the forums option and you will find a response from Sparkle in some one elses post that will explain it much better than me. My last months experience is ive only had the option once every two weeks so i made the best of it for that short period of time and waited patienty until it was available again.


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      Hello fairygirl ,

      Our product has newly released the three circle speed up and double profit feature in the game. We request you to update the app to the latest version for the best experience. We have played the game on our side and the functionality of 3 circle Ad Video is working fine.

      If the issue still persists, we request you to contact our support team along with the region/country you are playing the game from so that they could assist you in a better way possible. In order to contact our correct support team, we request you to visit the following link;
      Or The more details you provide, the better we can help to fix this issue!