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Videos and Gold issue

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  • Videos and Gold issue

    I apologize for my English (I'm Italian). I really enjoy Paradise City Island, but currently I'm noticing the lack of videos in the game and basically it's impossible to get gold rewards (eccept for one or two bonus).
    I’m sure that you are thinking about a solution to fix this problem (I was reading that one other company is managing the videos matter, not in a proper way). Just a suggestion: Do you think it would be possibile to create a tool to exchange money with gold? (e.g. 1 million for 10 gold). In my opinion this could fix the videos issue. Many thanks.

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    Endlich mal eine gute Idee, wobei ich meine das dieser Tausch unrealistisch ist, da in diesem Spiel alles ewig teuer ist...

    Hier mein Vorschlag 10.000.000 für ein Goldstück.

    Das wäre wirklich eine Supersache!!!!!


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      Hello Islander123 , silviasusann ,

      The option to view ads is dependent on the ads service provider for the region.

      However, it is a very nice suggestion to have an option to exchange in-game Cash into Gold. We have considered both the feedback. We have forwarded it to our product team and they will surely think about it for a future update.