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Moderators are misleading you

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  • Moderators are misleading you

    when moderators say "We would like to inform you that, the option to view ads is dependent on the ads service provider for the region" this is not a statement of truth.
    I have a account that is at level 230+. They stop giving you the bonus after you reach level 100. I know for a fact that the ads are not dependent on the service provider for the region because i installed the game on my other laptop and the ability to view ads for gold popped up instantly. So basically what i can tell is that they consider you unworthy after you reach level 100.

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    I can’t say whether or not the moderators are deceitful, but let me tell you to wait till you pass level 1000+ because your plentiful gold for levelling up disappears to be replaced by only 2 gold for every level, plus gold ‘sales’ also disappear. When I complained all I was told was that as you rise up in levels, the game gets harder. May I also warn you not to buy any of the ‘Special Landmark Builings’ packs because ironically, these buildings that you’ve forked out real money for, cannot be demolished or removed.


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      FYI the 2 gold for every level passed is now at level 100.


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        BigJp129. Really? Oof!