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What’s happened to the Score Boards?

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  • What’s happened to the Score Boards?

    I’ve been away from the game for about a week due to a family crisis now, thankfully, resolved. On my return, this evening, I had a look at the global scoreboard. A week ago I was 69th and now I’m magically 34th though I see a lot of names have disappeared. Also, on the local board I’ve gone from 3rd to 2nd...not that I’m complaining at all, but surely not that many people have resigned the game?

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    i am not sure but can you tell me also how you get the cup's is it for completing the task is it for happens i am not quit sure sorry for being so silly but i would just like to know


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      Looks to me like they got rid of the users with the ridiculous impossible, hacked the game somehow, scores greater than a certain amount.

      I have been playing the game every day for at least 2 years...every day... and I'm nearing level 2000. Tell me how someone gets to level 100 billion? Lmao.

      A bunch of people like that were purged. Thank God.


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        And the thing about those people they purged with the impossibly high scores... there's no way, logically or mathematically they could attain those ludicrous levels without doing something super shady.

        you'll see a guy at level 25k or something and he'll have 10k people, some of the islands are barren.

        Just no theoretical way he could get to that level with that setup, generating f all money, thus increase in level.

        unless there's some cheat codes I'm not aware of where u can have 2 islands only populated with a few buildings, generating u about 50 bucks... and that rockets you up to a 25k level.

        no sane human could believe that.