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not getting any double cash videos or any of them speed extra crane NOTHING! a!!

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  • not getting any double cash videos or any of them speed extra crane NOTHING! a!!

    Why am I not being offered to watch any videos no bank construction trailers or cinemas. 2 weeks not happy

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    I'm not getting them either on android


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      I just read to clear the app's cache in settings and it worked for me. Shouldn't have to do that but until a permanent fix is done, hopefully this will do as a work around. Hope it helps you.


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        The same has just happened to me yesterday. I have been playing for a couple of weeks without any problem. I had just started to build / expand on my 2nd Island and suddenly no x 2 Speed / x 2 Profit ) @ Bank and Cinema.

        However I had used this feature 3 times in one day and spend an addictive amount of time playing (Oops).

        What I tried was to clear my internet history / temp files / cookies and have a break from playing.

        When I came back today the problem was solved !

        Update 25th Sept 2019

        Following my above post, the same thing still sporadically happens and more often and I have also had several unexpected moments where the game has simply 'closed itself down' although I haven't lost any game progress. Today once again logged in to find no 'Gold / Cranes or Double Money' option. Clearing my Internet History didn't solve it.

        I have seen on a number of other threads about this issue that 'Sparkling Soc' always replies to saying that it is 'the fault of the advertisers'. That is all very well but it doesn't solve the issue nor does it help those who have used real money to play the game.

        I do think Sparkling Soc should make more of an effort to look into this issue properly with a better explanation and at least investigate the problem with a view to a future solution.

        For me, as I never use 'real money' for gaming I find it an 'annoying inconvenience. I now am playing this much less.

        If these kinds of things keep happening too often I think players will be less likely to continue to play or recommend the Sparkle Soc games
        Last edited by Rizzo; 25th September 2019, 01:38. Reason: Update on an issue I thought was solved.