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The end of all xps ?

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  • The end of all xps ?

    Urgent - i am level 19525 - i would like to know why from 17/10/19, the commercial buildings on paradise city island sim are just collecting money and not collecting more xp, even when we click on them, they show the cash amount and also the value gained in xp (but the xps are simply not computed) .... It’s important to remember that during the years we have expended time and gold of the game trying to build and replace the worst buildings to the best ones, but if after a long time ( years ) expending gold, time and dedication to finally have good commercial buildings and they simply stop from computing xps (that is the most important thing they give us ), the game loses the sense of being played. We also lose the will to comment and praise the game with friends (some that begun to play and play until today to check the reason for some playing for years ...). I believe that this is a temporary bug that will be corrected, because it would be total injustice with the players that have been playing for years and everyday to stop receiveing the xps that they always received and always fighted to gain more, building slowly over their history better and stronger commercial buildings with that only purpose in mind. It would also be a very negative repercussion for the name of the game, because a very old and high level player that has already commented on his work, family, college, academy, and to all his friends ( had enough time to comment with everybody since he plays for years ), imagine if he stops to play and talks to everybody that the game has made an injustice... A lot will think better before continuing playing. Beeing sure that this problem will be solved as soon as possible, i wait for your answers. Thank you.