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Design of vacuum unit

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  • Design of vacuum unit

    Design of vacuum unit

    What are the design conditions and steps of vacuum unit

    (1) Design conditions of vacuum unit

    ① Known parameters of vacuum chamber: volume of vacuum chamber; surface area of outgassing; air leakage of vacuum chamber; working vacuum degree; limit vacuum degree; pre pumping time and pumping time to reach the limit vacuum.

    ② Gas sources in the vacuum chamber: atmosphere in the vacuum chamber; air release from the surface of the vacuum chamber; air leakage from the dynamic and static seals of the vacuum chamber; gas permeation from the shell; gas released from the processed materials; gas introduced for the process.

    ③ Special requirements for vacuum chamber: whether dust, metal splashing, corrosive gas, water vapor, etc. are generated in the process; whether oil-free and vibration free are required in the vacuum chamber.

    (2) General program of design and calculation of vacuum unit

    A. The calculation of the total outgassing volume in the vacuum chamber;

    B. Determine the effective pumping speed of the vacuum chamber;

    C. Primary main pump and primary vacuum pump;

    D. Select valves, traps, dust collectors and other vacuum components according to requirements;

    E. Draw the assembly sketch of vacuum system and determine the size of each part;

    F. Confirm (recheck) the parameters of each vacuum pump. If the crude vacuum pump fails to meet the requirements, it is necessary to reselect and distribute the pump until the parameters meet the requirements;

    G. Draw the assembly drawing of vacuum system;

    H. Draw part drawing and construction drawing.

    These eight design calculation steps are indispensable for non-standard design. With the continuous development of vacuum equipment, with the continuous emergence of various new types of vacuum units, the design process of vacuum system will continue to simplify. Now there are set vacuum units, if you can directly select set vacuum units to obtain the required vacuum system, you can save the trouble of real air system design.

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