Closing this forum

Dear Sparkling Society Fans,

We are very grateful for all your contributions and would like to thank you for all your feedback and great ideas on our forum. However, on June 1st 2020 we will stop facilitating this forum.

We are constantly working on improving the quality and experience of our games, and we have found that the forum hasn't been of value for this purpose. Because of this we've had to make the difficult decision to close it down.
For us focus is what counts, and what we love most is to work on the improvements of our games in every sense. We are determined to deliver the best city building experience on mobile.
At the same time there are still many other options to connect with fellow players, which we encourage you to explore.

For City Island 5 players; please visit the Facebook group We are not affiliated with this group, but they have told us that they are glad to welcome you all in their community. Most likely, initiatives like this are available on Facebook for other games as well.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please send us an email at [email protected]
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Vacuum pump in vacuum grouting technology

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  • Vacuum pump in vacuum grouting technology

    Vacuum pump in vacuum grouting technology

    Vacuum grouting is a commonly used technology in bridge concrete structure, and grouting is a key link. The traditional grouting technology will cause corrosion and component expansion crack after long-term use, which has a great potential safety hazard.

    Vacuum grouting is a new technology in the construction of post tensioned prestressed concrete structure, which solves the problems left by the traditional grouting technology to a large extent. The adoption of vacuum grouting technology is an effective measure to improve the safety and durability of post tensioned prestressed concrete structure.

    The main application of vacuum pump in vacuum grouting is that one end of the duct is vacuumized by vacuum pump to produce a vacuum of about - 0.1pA, and then the optimized special cement slurry is poured from the other end of the duct to fill the whole duct with a positive pressure of ≤ 0.7MPa to improve the fullness and compactness of the prestressed duct grouting.

    Main technical advantages

    1. In the vacuum state, the air and water in the duct and the bubbles mixed in the cement slurry are eliminated to reduce the porosity and bleeding.

    2. In the process of grouting, the duct has good sealing performance, so that the slurry can keep pressure and fill the whole duct.

    3. The optimization of technology and slurry can eliminate the generation of cracks and ensure the fullness and strength of grouting.

    4. The vacuum grouting process is a continuous and rapid process, which shortens the grouting time.

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