Closing this forum

Dear Sparkling Society Fans,

We are very grateful for all your contributions and would like to thank you for all your feedback and great ideas on our forum. However, on June 1st 2020 we will stop facilitating this forum.

We are constantly working on improving the quality and experience of our games, and we have found that the forum hasn't been of value for this purpose. Because of this we've had to make the difficult decision to close it down.
For us focus is what counts, and what we love most is to work on the improvements of our games in every sense. We are determined to deliver the best city building experience on mobile.
At the same time there are still many other options to connect with fellow players, which we encourage you to explore.

For City Island 5 players; please visit the Facebook group We are not affiliated with this group, but they have told us that they are glad to welcome you all in their community. Most likely, initiatives like this are available on Facebook for other games as well.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please send us an email at [email protected]
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Characteristic curve of water ring vacuum pump

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  • Characteristic curve of water ring vacuum pump

    Characteristic curve of water ring vacuum pump

    For different types of water ring vacuum pumps, the suction volume flow curve is related to the suction volume cavity and the size of suction port: when the suction port is small and the suction volume cavity is relatively large, the suction volume flow increases with the increase of suction pressure; When the suction volume cavity is relatively small, with the increase of suction pressure, the suction volume flow will be full of the whole cavity when the suction volume flow increases to a certain value. When the suction port is large and the suction volume cavity is relatively small, the speed of air filling the cavity is faster to keep the suction volume flow unchanged. When the inspiratory pressure increases to a certain value, the inspiratory pressure in the volume cavity will increase and the inspiratory volume flow will decrease due to the constant inspiratory volume cavity and the continuous increase of the maximum flow rate of the inspiratory gas.

    When the water ring pump is running, its suction temperature, working water temperature and suction cavity remain unchanged. According to the gas state equation PV = MKT, the suction mass flow is basically proportional to the suction pressure, that is, P1 / P'1 ≈ M1 / m'1

    According to the relationship between inspiratory mass flow and inspiratory volume flow, with the increase of inspiratory pressure, inspiratory volume flow begins to increase, and then slowly decreases.

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