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Gold for every category of building instead of facilities

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  • Gold for every category of building instead of facilities

    At the moment a player can earn 3x gold for each 5 facilities she/he is building. For me it is not clear what a facility is. It can be a house, a commercial building, a community building or even a park (facility to rest). So I would like to suggest to change this in 3x gold for every 10 buildings (whatever category).
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    what is built facility with gold means?


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      The answer you gave is 3X ... where "X" always represents TIMES ... But, I doubt you get 3 TIMES gold; you probably get 3 BARS of gold. However, like you, I have no idea what 'facilities' are because I have build dozens of buildings with gold. Is there ANY kind of manual ANYWHERE for these games? I have a couple of dozen questions (like why are some profit packs red instead of white or green?) that I can't find, nor figure the answer to.


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        Hello pcwizard, I just have seen that when the profit pack is on red it's because you have not the integrity because the number of employees is not the good yet (for a commercial which has just been leveled up for example). Have fun on game ! My friend code is : PCw-k9ldd