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    Can sombedy explain to me why no more video icon shown up anymore when I sm playing..? It used to be on the left then I csn click n watch then U can get 1 or 2 gold.. I am at level 26 noe. And how to get friends? I opened friends icon, it is eritten, Coming Soon. . Thank you.

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    Hi Newbie,

    We would like to inform you that ads are something, which are provided by the ads service provider. Hence, these ads will be available during random interval of time when the ads service provider for the region will provide it. We would only recommend you to play the game keeping an active internet connection so that the ads reflect in your game account.

    Our product team is already working on the friend feature. Currently it is under development phase; we cannot give any specific dates for the feature release. It is difficult to predict exactly how much time will be required for developing and releasing a feature meeting our quality standards.

    When the new features releases, you will be intimated within the app. So stay tuned and keep playing our games


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      Speaking of free Gold...
      So many of the options for buildings can only be paid for with substantial amounts of Gold but there are so few ways to earn even small amounts of free Gold.
      What if there were permanently installed Gold mines, like the "Boat Rentals" on certain islands, but after purchasing the" Gold Mine" a "Smelting Plant" would also have to be built to turn the gold ore into usable Gold ingots? All upgradable of course.
      In this way, so many of those Buildings that can only be purchased with substantial amounts of Gold can actually be a viable options.
      To my mind that would make game play a little more realistic than the occasional free Gold from "Ports".

      Thank you for "listening".


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        Hello T-Model Jones ,

        Thanks for your valuable feedback with us.

        The idea to have a 'Goldmine' in the game on certain islands and then to turn the iron ore to usable Gold coins, sounds interesting.

        However, there are currently following ways through which you can earn free Gold.
        - You can earn free in-game gold/diamonds by watching Advertising Videos, which can be collected from the Discover App menu.

        - And there is a Weekly Giftcode which is provided on our Official Facebook Page. Simply enter the Giftcode in gift section, to collect more in-game currency. You can also enter your friends, relative’s friendcode to get more in-game currencies. Unfortunately, the giftcode which is provided on Facebook can only be redeemed on Android devices.

        We have still considered it as a feedback and will forward this feedback to our product team. They will surely look into this for the future updates .

        For more queries, we request you to contact our support team. In order to contact our correct support team, we request you to visit the following link;


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          When I click on watch video for gold, I watch it, but do not receive any gold for doing so....any suggestions?


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            I am sorry. I assumed this game (Paradise Island City Sim) and the others like it were created for people to have fun with.
            I stand corrected. You make it perfectly clear that it is all about maximizing Sparkling Societies profits.

            By the way SparklingSupport "Moderator", my idea was for Gold Mines that produce Gold ore and a Gold Smelting plant that would produce Gold ingots or "bars",
            not an Alchemy lab that could change iron ore into gold coins. That just would not be realistic at all in a Paradise Island City Sim. Maybe some Medieval Building sim, perhaps?

            (Assuming that you actually take the time read what I am about to write this time.)
            Since so many buildings can only be purchased with a substantial amount of gold ingots, at the very least, there really should be a way to exchange in game cash for Gold ingots. Otherwise, I am effectively "denied" certain buildings. Where is the fun in that?