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  • Is it time to quit

    hi team.
    i am ready to quit.

    i received a gift message the other week yet no gift code.
    now i receive another saying moregamesmoregifts i put it in and i get 6 gold.
    did this and got it. then an hour later the game as before went back to yesterdays score and took all my progress away.
    i tried to play again and it tells me code already used.
    i am tired of this and this time internet was constant and game play did not have a break.
    resolve this issue pls as i feel let down and frustrated.

    yesterday i took the leader board and today you take it away. NOT RIGHT.


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    Hi Kifarumac,

    We are sorry to hear that you have experienced this issue. We are not sure why this happened with your game. We would request you to send the details regarding the issue to our support team along with your friendcode.

    In order to contact the correct support team, you can send the details on the following email address: [email protected]


    • kifarumac
      kifarumac commented
      Editing a comment
      have mailed and received gifts yet the next day gifts have gone and all progress disappears again and again....
      i reached leader board with level 63 at 63%.... next day back to 32% and all gifts gone... i have plenty of memory and no break in internet so glitch is deffo in the game..

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    Hi Kifarumac,

    We have completely redesigned the way the game saves progress and we hope it will fix your problem. The update that contains this fix is 1.5. Please update your game and let us know if this fixed it for you. I have high hope it does. In that case contact support again for compensation which i am sure they will gladly provide and enjoy the game!


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      ok i apeciate this effort but how do i upgrade and keep the scores.... there is no upgrade tab on game or in the app menu..


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        ok worked it out.. for those having the same issue simply go and download the new version and it will do the rest. thanks to everyone and trust me i will update on the result..


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          so far very happy all progress saved and no issues...... WELL DONE TEAM..