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  • Not filling jobs

    The city advisor says there are 35 people without jobsb but I have 2 business with zero employees and most others are at 90%. I have roads to all the businesses, I have community buildings and decorations happiness is at 107%
    The icon right below happiness, which I think is residency, says 147/217 which makes me think I have plenty of houses... The next one down which I think is employees says 147/182 wgich makes me think I have enough available jobs .. What am I to do ?nzn and how do I get rid of this annoying background image on tbis post? It makes it so hard to read Lk#j

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    So I actually did the math. I have 139 residents... 147 jobs filled out of a total 182 jobs available... My city advisor is still telling me that there are 35 people without jobs...