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  • Oil Platform question

    My City adviser suggested the creation of an Oil Platform because of citizens without jobs, I created it but nobody is working there. What do I do?

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    RLKiroyjr wanna hear my advise? Don't listen to the City Adviser. Use your own imagination in counting the numbers of workers and civilians. For me that worked out perfectly in serveral CI games
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      Hi RLKiroyjr,

      In order to get more employees, you simply need to increase the city population by constructing more buildings that are residential.

      You need to make sure that you have high happiness level in order to attract more peoples towards your city in order to increase city population, which you can in turn utilize as employees

      If in case the issue persist, please contact our support team along with supporting screenshot so that they can further investigate and assist you accordingly. In order to contact our support team, please use the following link: