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Jobs not being filled.

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  • Jobs not being filled.

    Hey I just started playing the game a week ago and I am a bit confused with some of the jobs not being filled. The little guy says I have 108 people without a job, but I have several commercial buildings with 0 workers. The oil platform says that there are only 78/90 employees and the Beach club which I purchased yesterday continues to say that I have 0/20 employees.
    Is this considered a bug in the game or am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you in advance..


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    I'm new to this game. What happened to you is happening to me too. Finally, today I started updating my homes, community buildings and the 'dead, no return on my commercial buildings' has ended. I'm not sure if that is why there no workers on a few of my commercial buildings= updating commercial buildings but no workers showing up.Since after my updating the homes and community buildings has changed that I'm sticking with playing this way. Hope this helped you.


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      Hi Leni DEEMATT,

      Thank you for writing to us.

      Apart from building 'Residential' and 'Commercial' buildings, you also need to build some community buildings and upgrade the existing ones.

      Also we would also suggest you to build more decorative buildings and you will find the right balance between the city population and jobs. Also, you can check with the city advisor, as he will help you to build your city.

      Moreover, please make sure that you have constructed roads near the commercial buildings so that people can reach that building and can get jobs also consider happiness level of your city to attract more people.

      For more queries, please contact our Support Team. In order to contact our correct support team we request you to visit the following link