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FAQ - Village City Island SIM2

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  • FAQ - Village City Island SIM2

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    FAQ - Village City Island SIM 2

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    Interface Guide

    Game Related Questions And Answers

    Where Can I Find My Friend Code?
    How Can I Get More Key And Diamonds?
    How Can I Increase My Happiness Level?
    How Can I Build A Train Station?
    I Have Red Cash Icons / I'm Not Getting The Correct Profit?

    Billing Related Questions And Answers

    I Did Not Receive My Purchase!
    I Did Not Receive My Reward!
    The Latest Update Ruined My Game!
    When Are Sales In This Game?

    Technical Questions And Answers

    How Can I Report Problems?
    How Do I Backup Or Transfer My Game To Another Device?
    How Can I Become A Member of Sparkling Society?

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    Interface Guide

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    Star Level
    You will unlock more building options as you level up. To level up you need to build things and collect money. You will also be given Star Points from people on Roads and Walkways.

    This is used as the main method of purchasing buildings.
    Some structures will cost Diamonds to build. You can also use Diamonds to Speed Up construction or buy Land Expansions.
    Keys can be exchanged for Diamonds in the Currency Menu. You will given Keys by completing Rewards and from people on Roads and Walkways.

    Currency Menu
    This is where you can exchange Keys for Diamonds, and purchase in-game Money or Diamonds with real money.

    Your Citizens must be happy. If they are not happy you will not get full payments from the Commercial buildings, and some citizens may even leave your town which will cause your Employee and Citizen rates to drop. It's best to keep you Happiness level above 100%.
    Citizens & Employees
    Listed as XX/YY, where YY is the number you can possibly have if your Happiness level is at 100%, and XX is how many you currently have.
    Your Power level must be at or above 100% for all of your buildings to function properly.

    Here you can toggle Music, Sound Effects (SFX), and Push Notifications. You can also change the interface Language or start a New Game.
    Show/Hide Buildings
    Hiding Buildings will allow you to see the land without the buildings in the way. This will help you while you are designing your city.
    Show/Hide Upgrade Levels
    Showing Upgrade Levels will add little flags to the tops of every building. A number will be shown on the flag to let you know what level the building current is. The higher the upgrade level, the more you will get from that building. When you upgrade a House it will hold more Citizens. When you upgrade a Community building it will give you more Happiness. When you upgrade a Commercial building it will return more money.

    Time Warp
    Here you can pay a few Diamonds to jump ahead in time. This will help if you have several buildings that are being constructed and you want to finish them faster. It will also give you profits faster from your Commercial buildings.

    Tap this button to go to our Facebook page to follow the latest news about our games.

    Current Rewards
    This is a quick-list of the Rewards that you will reach soon. You can tap the icons to see the details about the Reward.

    Trade Keys for Diamonds
    Buildings that give you Citizens
    Buildings that give you Money
    Buildings that increase Happiness
    Small structures that increase Happiness
    Buildings that give you Power

    Paths do not cost Money (or Diamonds) to build.
    A path for cars to drive on.
    A path for people to walk on.
    A path for boats to sail on.
    A path for trains to move on.

    Tap this button and you will notice a black bar across the bottom of the screen with a green Checkmark and a Red X. Tap on structures (buildings and roads) and they will turn red to show you that they are marked for destruction. Tap the green Checkmark to remove the (red) selected structures, or tap the red X to cancel. Destroying buildings or roads will not cost you any money. However, destroying rocks and trees that you have not created will cost a bit of money.

    You will be given keys for reaching goals while playing the game. You will hear people clapping when you reach a goal. The Rewards menu shows you these goals. They are based on how many times you do a certain thing.
    Facilities Built
    Smiley Faces Collected
    Hours Spent In Game
    Rock (and Tree) Removal
    Land Expansions
    Construction Speed Ups
    Building Upgrades
    Upgrades To Level 10
    App Discoveries

    City Advisor
    This will give you tips on what you should do next.

    Social Options
    Here you can view your Friend Code and enter other Friend Codes to recieve rewards. Give your friends your code so they can enter it in their game too. Both of you will recieve a Reward!

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    Game Related Questions And Answers

    Where Can I Find My Friend Code?

    When you start the game, you will see your friendcode at the loading screen before you click play, or you can find your friendcode in the game by clicking on the Social Button. The 'Social Button' is on the lower left of the loading screen. It is an 'S' with stars above it. You must be online at least once to be given a friend code.

    How Can I Get More Money And Keys?

    You can buy currency in the game
    You can earn currency in the game by finishing rewards, either in-game achievements, via videos or via the offer wall
    Join the Sparkling Society newsletter
    Like the Sparkling society Facebook Page and check our giftcodes
    Follow us on Instagram or Twitter to find some extra giftcodes
    Collect the Keys that pop up in balloons above pedestrians and complete the Reward tasks

    How Can I Increase My Happiness Level?

    Happiness is important to get the city balanced. When you add commercial buildings or decorations the happiness will increase.

    How Can I Build A Train Station?

    Please watch this video:

    I Have Red Cash Icons / I'm Not Getting The Correct Profit?

    Games in the Village City series are about creating a “happy island”. You need to keep the island balanced well. When you having red cash icons instead of green ones, it means that you don't have enough citizens that are employed. When you build more houses you will get more citizens and they all need to get a job. Fixing the balance of your island will result in more cash from the commercial buildings (green cash icons). Be sure your Happiness and Power levels are at or above 100%.

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    Billing Related Questions & Answers

    I Did Not Receive My Purchase!

    We are so sorry for the inconvenience! Please send your (1) Google Confirmation and your (2) friendcode to [email protected]

    I Did Not Receive My Reward!

    Are you sure you played the apps for a while, which is required to get the reward? Anyway, I’m sorry to see that you are having problems with the offers in our application. They are provided by a company called Tapjoy and they have a Support system in place for cases like this. Their staff is more than happy to investigate any issues pertaining to these advertisements. The easiest way for you to get a hold of Tapjoy is through the support links which they provide in each of their platforms. If you are using the in-app version of the Marketplace, you can reach them through the “Missing Points?” link at the bottom of their list of offers. If you are going through, please go to the “Help” link at the bottom of any page after you log in. From there, the “Contact Support” button will allow you to submit your issue. No matter the route, your issue will get to their Support team who will respond to you as quickly as they are able. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you very much for understanding. PS If they don’t resolve this in a week for you, let us know please! [email protected]

    When Are Sales In This Game?

    That is a surprise! Keep playing and having fun!

    ================================================== ==============
    Technical Questions And Answers

    How Can I Report Problems?

    Please post it on the forum and check if we already know this bug/issue. If not, please post it on our forum and do not forget to provide us all the information you know and post your friendcode/playername in your message.
    The moderators will help you and they will collect all the bugs and send it to the Admin.

    How Do I Backup Or Transfer My Game To Another Device?

    On Android Devices:
    All of the game save data is in the location: /Andoird/data/com.pearlgames.villagecityislandsim2/
    Install the game on your second device, run it at least once, then copy the entire contents of this folder from your first device to your second device.

    The Latest Update Ruined My Game!

    1. Do you have enough memory on your device? – delete apps and pictures that you don’t use to create more memory
    2. Check which Android/iOS version you have, and check online of there are any problems with this version of Android/iOS
    3. Go to the application menu / settings and empty the cache of the game
    4. Be sure that you are running the latest version of the game
    If you have checked it all…and the issue still persists, please contact us and send us (1) all the information about the issue, (2) your friendcode and (3) game title.

    How Can I Become A Member of Sparkling Society?

    There are various ways in becoming a ‘member’. In essence, a member is someone that joins the community, i.e. the “Sparkling Society”. You can join / follow us at a number of places and channels. For the links, see below.
    This is the main facebook page to follow for new gifts, contests, general information for everyone who likes any of the Sparkling Society games. For weekly FREE giftcodes, make sure to follow this page!

    Email Newsletter
    Receive one or two mails a week with a preview of the upcoming sales on all games, announcements and other news. Sometimes we provide some extra free giftcodes as well.

    Follow us on Twitter: Twitter/SprklingSociety

    Instagram: sparkling_society


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  • #2
    Why when i try to login on the app it says invalid username or password? .


    • Josette Fenech
      Josette Fenech commented
      Editing a comment
      It's happened even with me, when I try to login it had gave me same error like you.

    • blondiie420
      blondiie420 commented
      Editing a comment
      Do you know how to fix it?.

  • #3
    How do I backup/transfer my iOS game(s) to another device: iPad - iPhone and vv?

    As far as I know this is not possible yet, because I cannot use the iCloud for this.

    Holden please advise.

    Thanks in advance
    Last edited by demig; 8th June 2017, 11:30.
    See you at the islands !

    CI3: 3i=4deo0cvlaux1
    CI4: 4i-d3odn
    PCIS: PCi-9gnhb


    • Holden
      Holden commented
      Editing a comment
      Hi Demig.

      I am not an expert on this, but if both devices are using the same iTunes account, then it is possible to make a backup with iTunes (on a PC or Mac) and restore that on the other device. It would backup and restore more than just one game of course. At this point only Deck Adventures Wild Arena supports cloudsave with the option to restore on a specific devices or even play at several devices 'at the same time'.
      Again, if both devices use the same apple/iTunes account you are covered. Anything else won't work. At least, not that i know of.

      Good luck!

  • #4
    Holden Thanks. I will try this.
    See you at the islands !

    CI3: 3i=4deo0cvlaux1
    CI4: 4i-d3odn
    PCIS: PCi-9gnhb