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Is this person cheating? You tell me!

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  • Is this person cheating? You tell me!

    Village City Island 2 leader board...

    I Have noticed this person in the leaderboard the past few days...

    Look at the screen grabs below.... On Capture 22 (left)... look at person 4 Level 70 20%

    On capture 23(Right), taken less than an hour later... Level 73 11%

    3 levels in less than an hour?

    Can you tell me how it is possible to jump that fast so quickly.


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    when you buy diamonds or cash, it is possible to go very fast
    We develop games for players together with the players!

    CI4 = 4-upqgnrzsxgqk7
    CI3 = 3-wucgkpuepj4
    CI2 = 1mnpsywzx
    CI1 = jjvqup2zjsc


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      It's possible to move fast without spending diamonds or buying cash, I tell you how. You too can do it. There is a bug gone unnoticed upto now. First you get out of the game and change the date and time of your device. Make a big time change, say 12 hrs. ahead. Now go back to the the game and you will see all your commercial units have yielded out. Don't collect the cash though. Get out of the game and change the time back to what it was before, that mean back to present time. Now go to your game again and collect all the cash. You can again change the time to future and generate the cash and return back to present time again to collect it. This way you can collect cash as many times as you want. No need to waste time in the game to collect your cash. You might think it's difficult to keeep adjusting the time again and again but actually it's not that difficult, you can switch between the game and time setup app of your device quickly by flipping through your recently used apps list. Almost all android device have that option.
      You can even time travel through the game to finish up the constructions immediately( no need to wait or spend your diamonds or cash). You can go to future or past .
      This way you can get richer and richer in no time and buy up everything in the game, I reached level 51 in 54 game hrs. only and brought about 90% of the land.
      Getting cash is no big deal in the game. Just setup as many commercial units as you can and upgrade them all to level 10, so that all those units give you out their maximum and travel forward and backward in time to keep collecting cash as much as you need.
      That's not cheating, that's exploiting the game rule .