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    سلام .من الان به الماس در بازی احتاج دارم برای خرید ولی موجودی حاسب نقدیم بالاس چطوری میتونم پول نقدی رو تبدیل کنم به الماس

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    Hi. Not sure if i understand it correctly, but if you are not able to buy diamonds in our ingame store, it must be because you are located in a country that is not supported by the official Google Play store. If you are in fact based in Iran, then i have good news for you as we are releasing our first game through a collaboration with Cafe Bazaar and Magnet Game in your country. This game is City Island 3 and we hope to officially launch it sometime this month.
    Unfortunately this does not help you with Village City 2, but you might consider checking out City Island 3 once it has launched.