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'Destroy button' on top of building

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  • 'Destroy button' on top of building


    I've purchased the 'museum of art' building with 50 diamonds. I've done everything to ensure balance achieves. Yet, suddenly the destroy button appears on top of the building force to destroy without reason. I decide not to press the button, so i just let it be.

    ​​​​​i've waited and play patiently to collect and open the '3 keys' of diamond and now the building would destroy if i press the button.

    Can this be fixed so that the building remain in my city?. Afterall it's a huge money income..

    Friendcode. : V2-db8n2
    Game version : 1.3.7
    Level : 36
    Game play : village city island sim life 2 stimulation

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    We will look into this. Thank you for your information. Try not to click it until it is fixed, ok!
    By the way, from what i see from the picture you have a very nice layout for your city. Good work!
    We will keep you posted on this.


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      Hi Holden,

      Thanks for the reply....

      As i said before i didn't press the destroy button but fyi the building destroyed itself without reason. I found it weird why such thing happens. Nothing can be done anymore so just let it be. I take this as a challenge to test my own patient. Afterall, game is a win-lose situation. But, i truly love the graphic (so so cute) and the color is amazing too.

      ​​I purchased the building once again as i found it so cute...

      Now another issue, why my citizen/employee suddenly reduce?

      * Total citizen/employees = 1271/1271 (before sudden reduce), and now

      * reduce to 1247/1271...there is no problem, everything balance and why they're suddenly reduce?.

      ​​​Anyway, what's the game rules actually?.

      Lastly, thanks for the compliment.



      • Holden
        Holden commented
        Editing a comment
        You have been compensated for the diamonds you lost. Take care!

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      Hi Holden,

      tks so much. I trully appreciate for the compensation.

      Btw, i've solve the imbalance of my citizen/employee.

      Tks again....​​​


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        *** TASK ***
        (destroy rock/tree)

        If there's a 'task' to destroy rocks, i wouldn't complete the task. I just let until the task ends. I noted, when you start destroy more than one rock, the destroy button suddenly appears in the other building and how frustrated you can't do anything to stop the action. So, It better to destroy it after the task ends.

        They said they're going to fix the problem. If yes, they should give us notification.


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          Hi Bambiunek5472 ,

          We would like to inform you that all the actions in the game are final and irreversible. Currently, there is no such procedure to stop the destruction or upgrade once initiated.

          We will consider your email as a feedback and will forward it to our product team to have any warning sign or a pop-up confirmation before deleting any structure and they will surely think about it in future updates.

          For more queries, we request you to contact our Support team. In order to contact our correct support team, we request you to visit the following link;