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Working on a new game? How about City Island 5?

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  • Working on a new game? How about City Island 5?

    Lots of players of City Island 5 are still waiting for solving the crashing problems. They have either waited for weeks, or have already turned their back to you.

    I was wondering why your company delivered such a sub-standard service: 1. releasing a new patch 1.8.8 which was irreversible, but did not perform thorough testing on compatibility. 2. taking more than 2 weeks to release a patch 1.8.9 which was supposed to be dealing with the crashing problems. 3. the patch 1.8.9 actually did not solve the crashing problems at all.

    And now I know why all of the above happened.

    I just read the following message on Sparkling Society's facebook page:-

    "Hi Sparkling people! Big announcement; We are working on a new game!
    In the upcoming weeks we will share more features, artwork and progress updates, but for now, take a look at this sneak peek! It's something we haven't done before yet! "

    And then a player accused Sparkling Society for shifting focus to designing new game, Sparkling Society's facebook administrator denied:-

    "we have 2 seperate teams who work on different games. The team who is making this game is not the same team that works on City Island 5. When we notice there are troubles with City Island 5, we are working on fixing those. If you have concrete issues with the game, please contact the customer support. We recently rolled out a big update on City Island 5, with a new minigame, interface updates and new buildings. We hope you will take this into consideration."

    The result tells the truth. Is it a coincidence? It is an absolute logical guess that Sparkling Society shifted the focus to design the new game and did not deploy sufficient manpower resources to maintain existing games. Everything becomes logical then. Withouth sufficient manpower resources, the development team of City Island 5 could not do a thorough testing before launching the shit patch 1.8.8, and without sufficient manpower resources, they could only make a sub-standard rectifying patch 1.8.9 using more than two weeks' time but the new patch is another shit which does not solve the crashing problems. All those far-below-acceptable-standard performance can be explained by insufficient manpower resources because the company diverted attention to designing a new game.

    If it had not been my dad loving your game and enjoyed competing with me on levels, cash in hand, etc, I would have turned my back to you for weeks. And now, don't expect I will give up scolding you until you fix the crashing problem.

    Tolerance already been given to you to fix the problem, but your response is far too below standard. Your company is well deserved for all those blame. Tags: None

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    I've had no problems with crashing, but am frustrated by the escalating costs of everything and prices shifting from play cash to gold coins and there being no way to earn gold coins easily in the game.