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  • City Island 5

    It has been announced that City island 5 will be out at the end of the year. What would you like to see in it?
    I may not like what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.
    - Voltaire

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    New features. I emailed my suggestion. City Island Camping Grounds.
    - tents.
    - fire pits
    - rv champers
    - Lodges/Cabins
    - small towns also
    - animals to purchase running around
    - dirt roads
    - snowmobiles
    - atv four wheelers
    - truck stops

    Just some ideas. If they need a beta testers, I'm perfect to be one.

    There was CI Airport...why not Camping?
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    • mitch01
      mitch01 commented
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      If you want to be a beta tester, massage sparksoc and ask them to add you to the google+ group

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    Good ideas Mish0071!! Can't wait to see what else u guys come up with. I'd like to b able to have more interaction with the people on the game. Or maybe some exotic islands. Trains and railroads would look pretty cool going through the islands. so many ideas...


    • Mish0071
      Mish0071 commented
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      Lindsay, yes so we can visit other people we friend in the game and help,the person gather money (and get a small reward for helping) lol

    • mitch01
      mitch01 commented
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      Yeah, bring back trains
      I also like the interacting with other cities idea
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    • Barbara MacAlister
      Barbara MacAlister commented
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      Mishoo71, I would love a City Islands Camping Ground. I have an RV and love going "camping." That would be awesome!

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    I would like to see one big island again as in City Island 2. Also i would like to see the railroad return. Mish0071 and Lindsayb07 them are some great ideas. And it seems
    that Sparkling Society is very receptive to our ideas so please keep the ideas coming.


    • mitch01
      mitch01 commented
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      I like multiple islands because then we can have more variety and narrow spaces, but yes, they should be big islands

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    I would like to have daily/weekly goals. In CI3 we had 3 things each day that we were asked to accomplish. That was really nice and it encouraged me to start the game each day so I could do them. Even in CIA1&2 we had flight lists and rewards for doing a certain amount of them. This concept seems to be missing from CI4. It would be nice to have it back in CI5 in some way.

    Why is CI5 coming out so soon?


    • Mish0071
      Mish0071 commented
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      Zero, I agree with daily quests as shown previous CI releases.
      CI Airport City 2 would be great "Something different" in the CI themes. I suggested CI Camp Grounds.

      I think it's for later this year (if they are planning a CI5). That's not so soon.
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    • mitch01
      mitch01 commented
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      Yeah, daily and weekly quests would be great, they could unlock city life or buildings instead of earning gold

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    Remember the zoom level and camera placement on each island and the build menu position - even after we close the game.

    Have a happy little garden gnome that randomly appears outside of buildings for about 20 seconds and if you happen to see him and tap on him he gives you some gold.

    A rainbow that sometimes appears after it rains on the side of the screen and if you follow it to another island there's a pot of gold waiting for you.

    An option in the settings menu to Sync Day/Night with Clock. So it's daytime in the game when it's daytime outside, etc.

    It would be a cool effect if we could sync the battery level with nighttime. So it gets darker and darker as the battery is losing power.

    An option in the settings menu that can take a screen capture of the entire island without any button overlays - would make it easier to share with friends.

    Options in the settings menu to change the size of the button overlays between Small, Medium and Large. On my phone I need big buttons, but on my tablet I would prefer very small buttons since the screen is so much larger.

    An option to turn off/on the vertical icon bar on the left that shows all of the things we can do to get gold. Those things are going to happen anyway and it's not like we can really work towards accomplishing them.

    If we're playing offline, hide the Facebook and other online icons. When you're offline and accidentally tap those you have to wait a few minutes for them to tell you you're not online... -_- like you didn't already know that.

    A button on the right side of the screen that toggles between Build Mode and Collect Mode. Build Mode would allow us to tap a building and move it with no prompts. Collect Mode would allow us to tap anywhere on the screen and not have any pop-up menus., but would let us collect money fast.


    • crazycurt
      crazycurt commented
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      A lot of good suggestions. Thanks for posting.

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    I would like to suggest Shopping Malls or Shopping Centers.


    • mitch01
      mitch01 commented
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      Some new commercial buildings would be great, yes

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    Reverse the order of the build menu so that new and unmade buildings are always on the left, so they're easy to get to as soon as you open the menu. Buildings that cost gold and buildings you haven't unlocked should be further away to the right.

    The sort order should be (from left to right):
    - Buildings that cost cash and you haven't built yet
    - Buildings that cost cash and you have built before
    - Buildings that cost gold and haven't been built yet
    - Buildings that cost gold and have been built before
    - Buildings that are not unlocked yet (sorted by level to unlock)

    It should be the same with community buildings, houses, etc.


    • FoXxyGuy99
      FoXxyGuy99 commented
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      I agree

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    One massive city..maybe one other but no build restrictions. Roads work for everything. Rivers and paths optional.


    • zero
      zero commented
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      I totally agree. The road (pavement/water/sand) restrictions hinder creativity in a big way.

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    I would like to see:
    The trains and train tracks finally back from City Island 2
    Get different types of trains
    Customize vehicles on roads
    Volcano island from City Island 3
    Hot Dog stand from City Island 1
    Taxi cab driving around in the beginning of the game from City Island 1
    Treasure chests on land expansions, hidden areas, and ocean like City Island 1-3
    It is optional to put your house on any type of road on city island 1-3
    A cave island
    An area with just water
    Our base animals running around
    Swimming pool for community
    City Island 5 to be big as a continent (in game scale)
    Start out with 25,000,00 money and 200 gold
    Have a new currencys like diamonds, silver, bronze, platinum, lapis lazuli, and emerald
    Cable Center
    Currency trade center and make it easier to unlock
    Power sources
    Water sources
    Houses give you money from taxes
    Place more construction companies
    Have an island that is just a huge beach
    And also add snowmobile trails road type in snow theme island
    And ATV trails road type for all islands excluding snow theme
    Shopping Centers
    Sparking Society HQ
    Pearl Games HQ
    Easier to get XP
    Get tasks from people and get rewarded for it like in City Island 1
    Trailer Parks
    Hardware Store
    Weather Conditions
    Weather Stations
    Federal Prison
    Primary School from City Island 4
    Middle School
    High School
    Community College
    Game store
    Ice Cream stand
    Water park
    Town Square
    Medicine Store
    Sewer station
    Doctors Antique Store
    This is what I want to see in City Island 5. I've played City Island since 2014 and played every game including airport and City village. 😉😀☺😸😻 I will be pleased if you add this stuff. :3

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      Weather conditions would be useful


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        New buildings - community garden, ski hire shop, airports (commercial, can establish links between items like you do with ports in CI4, although this would be in addition to ports), and a house on the water.
        I may not like what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.
        - Voltaire


        • demig
          demig commented
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          I would like to speed up building, upgrading and removing for money. After reaching level 40 the cash level is that high that you can unlock one island withing 30 minutes (for cash). Otherwise your cash is "dead" capital. Furthermore I would like to have a cash-gold exchange facility like in CI2. When CI5 will have different islands again it would be nice/handy to have the possibility to move houses from one to another island, which should be an expensive move.
          Furthermore players should be able to save the game they are playing
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        • FoXxyGuy99
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          Why do you keep using that freaking annoying quote made by Voltaire. Please stop saying it or i will have a mental breakdown

        • mitch01
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          ^because i support freedom of speech

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        Another vote for not forcing roads/paths/water onto specific buildings.


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          I would like to be a beta tester **smirks**


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            Please add disasters like Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Severe Thunderstorms, Earthquakes, and floods