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    Why is there not some kind of ranking in tournament I'm in the 3rd one I'm only at 10100 hp and I'm facing off against people that have 20000 or much more in hp.

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    Hi Tom,

    It seems that you want to know about the Tournament mechanism

    We would like to inform you that as per the design of the Tournament, the reward for the previous level is allotted when you move to the next level.
    For Example: You will receive the Tournament for level 1 when you reach to level 2 (by scoring 300 points). Similarly, you will receive the Tournament reward for level 2 when you move to the next higher level i.e. level 3 and so on.
    Hence, once you cross 2000 points and move to the top level, then to collect the reward for the top level, you need to wait for Tournament to get finished.

    Also, the Tournament scores are not cumulative. Hence, once the Tournament is over and you start the new tournament, you must start from the scratch.

    If you have any other query related to the game, we request you to contact our Support team along with more details and supporting screenshots. In order to contact our correct support team we request you to visit the following link