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Transfer your city to a new device

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  • Transfer your city to a new device

    Apple devices
    On iOS devices, this is really simpel by selecting the option to configure your new Apple device based on your previous one. Then automatically all apps and progress in your games will be restored on your new device.

    Android devices
    In some games, we were able to build in an option to store your progress 'in the cloud', meaning that you could easily access from another device. However, this is not (yet) possible in all our games. For the other games that don't provide this option, there are two options :-)

    A) New game with a headstart: We can give you a nice headstart into a new game you create on your new device, if you want this, please find the correct email address here and send us your old and your new friendcode.

    B) Transfer using a third party app: You can transfer your whole city and cash and gold to your new device yourself.
    To transfer your game to your new device, please follow the next steps:

    1) Go to
    2) Install the Helium app on the old device and the new device
    3) Go to your PC or laptop and go to:
    4) Install Helium Desktop for PC
    5) Open Helium desktop on your PC
    6) Connect the old device to the PC via USB

    7) Open the Helium app at your old device
    8) Keep it open on your PC....You can now choose which apps you want to keep (make a backup)
    9) Click backup
    10) Click Internal Storage and wait untill it's finished
    11) Open windows explorer, and click on you device and next on the file: 'carbon'
    12) Copy the files you see to your desktop
    13) Disconnect the old device from the PC and connect the new device on the PC.
    14) Repeat step 11
    15) Copy the files (from you desktop that you copied from the old device) to the carbon file on the new device.
    16) Open helium on you new device
    17) Click on the menu/tab "Restore and Synchronize"
    18) Click on Internal storage
    19) Select the apps that you want to restore
    20) Click on the button "Restore" and wait