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    We need your help , up until this point we have done OK , but now we need help finding friends code , gifts and how to earn gold and see why money disappears.we can not find instruction any way we try. This is my 5th try now every thing I write blinks and goes away. So yes I and others need help. I just had to delete 4billon Dallas's of stuff due to never having enough community stuff , it ate all money until I started to delete now it sages build but its to late. I think something is wrong with game. It did this before and you fixed it with out me asking and left me a note about what was happening. We all just need to know how to play this game for our selves. I found this by sheer accident. I can,t evev go back here.v

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    Hi Newbie,

    We are not sure why this happened. We would request you to please send the details regarding the issue to our support team along with your friendcode.

    Please use the following link to reach correct support team: