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  • Thank you - POEM

    A BIG thank you to Marleen, Edwin and Mark for their dedication to the games which have supplied countless hours of pleasure to people around the world.

    CI4 was launched less than a month ago
    And already has players by the score
    Yes, there have been some ups and downs
    With glitches, bugs and crashes galore.

    It started out where much gold was needed
    Some boosts and buildings cost a pretty penny
    Yet the team took all the advice to heart
    And adjusted the game for the many

    It must be a very taxing career
    Designing games and handling complaints
    Yet the team treats others with politeness and grace
    And include suggestions without restraint

    Sometimes problems may take a while to resolve
    Yet we appreciate the effort and time,
    that the team puts in each and every day,
    To ensure that their games work fine

    The Society runs an honest game
    Where cheater's can never prosper,
    So if you're dishonest and rush to the top
    They will remove your name much faster!

    Decisions, decisions, do I demolish that farm
    And make room for a business worth more?i
    No! No! cry the workers, please don't do that,
    Our jobs are important. Please, Please we implore!"

    Now what about those small houses right there
    Do I replace them with apartments instead?
    Maybe I need to think on that for a while
    Lest my happiness meter goes "dead"

    Happiness is an important parts of the game
    You can't let your meter drop down,
    'Cause instead of citizens with a smile on their faces
    All you will see is a frown

    They say patience is a virtue
    And the team have that in spades
    I look forward to more of their wonderful games
    Hopefully 10 or more in the next decade.

    Gypsy Rose
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    Rose, very nice n thoughtful:-) very clever idea. TY for sharing. Yes Admin have there hands full
    IF My Opinion makes Me Happy, it Shouldn't matter to Anyone Else!!:cool:


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      A lot more games will come :-) and I hope we will launch them this year!

      Thnx for the poem!👍🏻👍🏻
      We develop games for players together with the players!

      CI4 = 4-upqgnrzsxgqk7
      CI3 = 3-wucgkpuepj4
      CI2 = 1mnpsywzx
      CI1 = jjvqup2zjsc